Mayalibit Bay-Raja Ampat

Mayalibit Bay-Raja Ampat

2 Person
3 Days


The charm of Raja Ampat maritime is endless. There is always something new to be explored. Raja Ampat has many spots that have not been exposed and one of them is Kali Biru (Blue River). As the name implies, the water in this river has clear water, as a blue Crystal. 

Kali Biru River is located in the heart of Raja Ampat, precisely in Kampung Warsambin, Teluk Manyalibit District, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua Province. It is a small river flowing amidst the dense of Waisai forest.

Kali Biru is about 1 hour drive from the town of Waisai, the capital city of Raja Ampat regency. Kali Biru became famous and became a tourist destination since 2017. This place is getting famous after many tourists capture their holiday moments in this beautiful river and share them on social media. 

According to Kali Biru tourism managers, the river is called Blue River because the water has blue color in natural way and it is not from the waste. The native people in local language call it Warabiae that has the same meaning which is a clear blue river. Not all parts of the river have blue color but only in certain parts. Meanwhile, in the upstream part the water is completely colorless.


Scientifically, this phenomenon is related to the absorption of sunlight by the Kali Biru water. When sunlight hits the surface of the river, water molecules will absorb the long red waves in the light spectrum, then yellow, green and purple. While the blue wave is absorbed at the end. That is why the color seen by our eyes is blue. 

According to folklore, Kali Biru is known as the bathing place of Raja Waigeo Island. Until now, Kalibiru has a uniqueness that is always clear and blue, and will not be muddy even though it rains with high intensity.


How to Reach Kali Biru

For those who want to visit Kali Biru in a group, renting cars is required start from Waisai City to Warsambin Village. Travelling from Waisai to Warsambin is around one hour and tourists will pass highway that is very quiet. Dense forest scenery will also accompany tourist trips.

The Warsambin village is quite crowded and there are many locals sell basic necessities. If you don’t bring drink or snack, then buy it when you arrive in this village because there are no food sellers in Kali Biru area.

From Warsambin you have to rent a small or medium boat with a load of 5-10 people. Then, on arrival at the river you still have to walk along the path through the forest for 20 minutes before reaching the Kali Biru spot. 

Finally you will meet an entry gate of Kali Biru and from there you just have to follow the wooden path until arrive to the exotic blue river. In this area there are toilets and rinse rooms if tourists want to take a bath or change clothes.

Enjoying the atmosphere in the upstream part of Kalibiru is very soothing. The mind becomes relaxed and fresh. The plus point is that tourists can take a bath or just washing face in Kali Biru.


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