About Us
About Us

Hello, I am Demi “Mac” Wasage. I am the founder of Trek-Papua Tours & Travel.,Ltd. My degree in English. And my focus in English Department was on English literature, primarily verbal. I wrote explicitly for Papuan oral folk songs. The song is sung during three specific events, when the baby is delivered, during the marriage ritual, & the death ritual.

In short, in 2009, I created Trek-Papua Tours & Travel.Ltd, especially in the tourism business. I travelled almost the whole Papua region from the highland to the coastal area to collect the tourism spots. I am still writing, inputting tourism info on the website, & promoting Papua Tourism up to now.

In 2020, I created Partners with Melanesians Inc West Papua (PWM-WP). This NGO focuses on Forest Conservation, Culture, & Eco-friendly tourism Business. While in the tourism business, I am also an English Teacher in Yalimo, Highland-West New Guinea.

Here are the 5 reasons I created Trek Papua Tours & Traveling Company:
1. We are Papuan Guides from Yali and other tribes and speak English fluently
2. We offer only personalized treks with small groups
3. We are the company! So no additional costs for intermediaries or travel agents
4. We are committed to Eco Tourism: Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos
5. Your safety is guaranteed.

Thank you so much for getting to know a little bit about me. I hope you enjoy the beauty of my homeland of New Guinea through my lens & feel free to get in touch with me to learn more about what we do.

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